Friday, August 26, 2016

I Came to the Little League Baseball® World Series Because … ?

By Anthony Davis
As the Little League Baseball® World Series heads into its championship weekend and gets closer to crowning a Little League® World Series Champion, fans continue to stream into South Williamsport, Pa. During the busiest time of year in Williamsport, fans were asked the question: “I came to the Little League World Series because …?”

Here’s had World Series fans had to say …
For a lot of older fans, this was an easy question to answer. They were here to fulfill a bucket list item, spend time with family, or reflect back on their time as a child when things were much easier for them.


“This was on my bucket list and I wanted to go down the hill,” Bernard shared as he waited to enter Howard J. Lamade Stadium on Thursday.


“The reason why I like coming here is to bring back my childhood, and what I used to miss,” reminisced Donald, another fan waiting to enter the Mexico vs. South Korea game on Thursday, Aug. 25. Cecil Family
For the Cecil family, from Delaware, it was a family vacation that brought them to Williamsport. “This is where my family is taking their vacation this year, that’s why. My parents love Little League, so that’s why the whole family came,” says the daughter of the family, accompanied by her mother.
“We came up because we were in the area. I went to school at Penn State, and we decided to spend some of our time up here to check out the Little League World Series,” says Greg, who brought his son, a lacrosse and hockey player, to Williamsport to watch the games. “We thought it would be fun to see the kids play. Baseball isn’t our number one sport, but we thought it would be a good time to come up here and check out the kids playing and it’s been a lot of fun.“
“I came to the Little League World Series because I’ve been coming for about the last 10 years,” noted Jim, a long-time fan of Little League. “I like just hanging out and seeing the boys play ball. I live in Pittsburgh, and actually we’ve been coming out since my son was 10 years old. He’s 22 now.”


“It was a bucket list item for me because I’m a baseball fan, I played baseball all my life,” explained Bob Hennis of Laurel, Md. “I watch this on TV all the time, so basically we just drove up today to watch the games and check it off the bucket list.” For younger fans, around the same age as the athletes who are playing in the Little League World Series, there was a wide variety of reasons as to why they were in Williamsport.


“It just seems like a cool experience, so I decided to come,” responded Cole, a young man accompanied by his mother. “My favorite part has been watching the games and the crowds. It’s a great experience!”

Cole and Jeffery

“We want to see the teams play. Recently we’ve been watching a lot of baseball and it’s just nice to get back out and watch these kids play,” said Jeffrey, a 12-year-old who has been playing baseball since he was four. “I like to come out here because I’ve always wanted to play on these fields and have the experience of this. I’ve always watched it on TV,” added Jeffrey’s friend, Cole.


“I just like baseball, and my favorite part is just that they’re so good!” said Dillon, a young man from Delaware, who shared a laugh as he answered.
The Little League World Series proves to be a great experience for all types of fans, regardless of how far they travelled or how old they are. Everyone who has come out to Williamsport, whether to cross off their bucket list item or to share a memorable experience with their family, has gotten to enjoy the baseball they have watched throughout the week.

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