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Flashback Interview 2008 - Chatting with Dr. Creighton J. Hale

Dr. Creighton J. Hale (Photo Courtesy of
Williamsport, PA – One of the benefits and joys of coming to the Little League World Series as a reporter and observer is the mingling with Little League fans and all sorts of Little League officials. Today was an exceptional day as Dr. Creighton J. Hale and his wife (Beverley) sat down next to me at seat 46 in Volunteer Stadium.

I introduced myself to Dr. Hale and through side conversations it was obvious how much he still loves Little League Baseball. I wondered how many little league games Dr. Hale has seen in his lifetime. So I ask him and he said, “I have seen all the games in the last 55 years.” That may be a record. He said Little League officials ask him if this series has been the best weather in the history of the games. He concurred that it was, as only one game was moved off the prearranged schedule. That game was the 8:00pm game on opening day.

Dr. Hale is really an inventor/scientist at heart. He also was a college professor of physiology at Springfield (Mass.) College. In 1955, he joined the Little league Headquarters staff as director of research.

For me, I am impressed and maybe should not be that an organization like Little League felt the need to research the many aspects if youth baseball and the safety of it all. Of course, Dr. Hale is recognized for the research and development of the Little League Baseball batting helmet. The present helmets being used, although looks different is meeting the safety standards developed and initiated by Dr. Hale.

Little League has also researched pitching practices, diversity, intercity development, field size to allow statistics similar to Major League Baseball, etc. Each one of the above area would produce an interesting article on their own.

So what a great start to the 2008 Little League World Series Championship game. Talking to the past CEO before Stephen Keener and watching great baseball. It is the thing that makes Little League Baseball so interesting for fans, media and the governing body of the game each year.

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