Monday, August 7, 2017

Cutters Awesome Animation - A Balk Really?

www.Crosscutters.News Awesome Animation
Umpire Chad Dixon in the 6th inning ejects Cutters Manager Pat Borders after arguing a balk call against Julian Garcia. Julian picked off an Auburn base runner at first base. After the out and Auburn bench screaming "Balk," home plate umpire Dixon relented to the Auburn bench. Umpire Dixon after just the third pitch of the game was upset with catcher Rodolfo Duran for holding the caught ball in place too too long for his liking.

From our viewpoint, that is what upset Manger Borders, the thin skin of the home plate umpire. Umpiring is a tough business and also pitchers trying to get to the Majors isn't easy. Good play must be rewarded. A balancing act for sure. You have to admire Pat for sticking up for his pitcher and players.

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