Saturday, August 19, 2017

Stephanie Moore from Lewisburg, W.V., Named 2017 Little League® Mom of the Year

Stephanie Moore has been an active and involved mom with her three children playing in the Central Greenbrier Little League.
SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (July 21, 2017) – No Little League experience is complete without the support of teammates, coaches, and fans. Within that support system, family typically stands out amongst the rest, and in the world of Little League®, having support at home is important to a child’s success and experience.

In the Central Greenbrier Little League of Lewisburg, W.V., one mom stands out above the rest. Stephanie Moore has been involved with the league that her three children play in as a team mom, coach, treasurer, and more. Ms. Moore’s dedication to making sure all Central Greenbrier Little Leaguers® have a fun and rewarding experience is why Little League International is proud to recognize her as the 2017 Little League Mom of the Year.

“To be named as the 2017 Mom of the Year, knowing there are so many other mothers who are deserving of the same award is humbling,” Ms. Moore said. “I take pride in my service and dedication to my local Little League, and my children and I are proud to be acknowledged for my efforts by such an amazing program.”

Ms. Moore has three children in the league: a 10-year-old in the Little League Majors Division, an 8-year-old playing Coach Pitch, and a 3-year-old in Tee Ball. Ms. Moore serves as the Team Mom for the Major team and the coach of the Tee Ball team and is at, or participates in, every game and practice for all three children.

On top of those commitments, Ms. Moore has also been the league’s treasurer for the last two years and serves as the concession stand coordinator, making sure that the concession stand is stocked, volunteers are scheduled, and inventory is accounted for.

What makes Ms. Moore’s commitment to Little League the most remarkable are her responsibilities outside of the league. Ms. Moore is employed full time and is a full-time student as well. Her husband, Donnie, works out of town, so Ms. Moore is at the ball field on her own six out of seven nights a week. Her tireless hours contributing to the Central Greenbrier Little League are what make her a clear choice for Mom of the Year.

The Little League Mom of the Year Award was established in 1991 as a symbolic form of recognition and tribute to the millions of mothers in communities around the globe who contribute their time and effort to the Little League program.

Each year Little Leaguers compose an essay that explains why their mothers should be the official Little League Mom of the Year. From that group, one Little Leaguer’s mother is selected as the official Little League Mom of the Year.

More important than the recognition received by the Mom of the Year is the true appreciation for their mother each child develops as they list in their essays the special efforts she has made on their behalf. Ms. Moore will be presented the Mom of the Year Award during the 2017 Little League Baseball® World Series, held from August 17-27 in South Williamsport, Pa.

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