Monday, October 23, 2017

Mr. MAC Nailed Week Eight Predictions With Perfection

A Featured "Game of the Week" Photo
It was my best week of predictions (But only three games) with the "Game of the Week" prediction in which I nailed the three point spread.  Back to 80% success rate is fine by me. After eight weeks, there is one team that is still looking for their first win. It did not happen this weekend. And there is one team that is coming on strong and needs to be watched. Below I talk about all of these topics and more weeks.

Lebanon Valley at Misericordia
Mr. MAC Says Lebanon Valley 35 - Misericordia 20
ACTUAL SCORE:. MAC Lebanon Valley 17 - Misericordia 0.
I not only try to predict the winner of each game each week, but I try to get the spread right. In this game, my spread was 15 points and the actual spread was 17. Not bad if I do say so myself. I talked about teams coming on strong at the back end of their schedule. That would be Lebanon Valley. The Dutchman are playing good football right now. And look at the MAC standings and you see the Valley tied for third place at 4-2. They are under the radar, but I am exposing this team. They are coming on.

Speaking of defense the Lebanon Valley defense held MU to just 213 yards of total offense. The Dutchmen offense racked up nearly 400 yards by comparison. The Cougars twice reached the red zone, but the LVC's defense turned them away on both occasions. The Dutchmen won the turnover battle 2-0. LVC imposed its will in the run game, rushing for 270 total yards on the ground.

The Cougars are in a tail spin right now. Still unable to put it all together in one game. Glimpses of goodness are there, but consistency is not a friend of the Cougars.


Wilkes at FDU-Florham
Mr. MAC Says FDU-Florham 28 - Wilkes 21.
ACTUAL SCORE: FDU-Florham 49 - Wilkes 31.
FDU-Florham's offensive was riding high on the back of Junior wide receiver Mike Panzarino. He was named Middle Atlantic Conference Offensive Player of the Week.

Panzarino recorded 337 yards of total offense with four touchdowns. The wide receiver opened the scoring in the second quarter completing a 72-yard touchdown pass to fellow receiver Steve Iannone for a 7-0 lead. The junior also hauled in 12 passes for 265 yards and three touchdowns. His touchdown catches were for 63, 15 and 91 yards, respectively. He had what the call a career day in this homecoming contest.

Meanwhile, Wilkes seems to be lost this season as they have never fully recovered from their QB injury woes. The offense is coming back to respectability, but the defense is another issue with the Colonels. They are still battling issues. Sad to see this great program struggling this way.


Albright at Stevenson (Featured “Game of the Week”)
Mr. MAC Says Stevenson 31 - Albright 28.
ACTUAL SCORE: Stevenson 26 - Albright 23.

Mr. MAC nailed this game. I said I flipped a coin on this featured "Game of the Week." Well the coin was actually weighted because it was Stevenson's homecoming weekend. That always adds up to points for the home team and in this case it we three points.

Stevenson has a very good defense. They are strong, rugged, fast and will hit you hard. They saved the Mustangs bacon a couple of times on turnovers and key stops especially at the end of the game. Secondly, Jr. QB Dan Williams had a great game with three long touchdown passes to great receivers. Williams finished 26-40 passing for 381 yards. Williams did have a pair of interceptions. Talking about wide receivers, Sr. WR Preston Addo caught eight passes for 165 yards, while Jr. WR Sebastien Vainqueur had six grabs for 73 yards.

Albright never gave up and with a minute to go intercepted a Stevenson pass which gave them a chance to get close enough for a game tying field goal. The Mustangs were trying to put the game away and willing to deal with the risk of an interception. But the Stangs would have nothing to do with Albright's comeback game plan. Albright and Stevenson are now tied for third place in the Conference at 4-2.


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