Sunday, January 21, 2018

Huskies Wrestling Sweeps Duals Sunday with Pair of Convincing Wins

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. - The Bloomsburg University wrestling team swept its event at the Nelson Field House on Sunday (Jan. 21), beating Virginia Military Institute (VMI) 39-12 and Sacred Heart 29-13.
With the matches starting at 141 pounds, Shawn Orem(Pasadena, Md./Mount Saint Joseph) got things started with a 10-8 decision over Michael Hulcher, before the Huskies jumped up 9-0 on a forfeit at 149 pounds awarded to Evan Campbell (Berwick, Pa./Central Columbia). Bloomsburg extended its lead to 15-0 on a win by fall (3:51) by Kevin Laubach Jr. (Berwick, Pa./Berwick) at 157 pounds, before Blake Hohman got the Keydets on the board by pinning Nate Newberry (Biglerville, Pa./Biglerville) in 4:11 at 165 pounds. The Huskies went right back to work after the pin, winning five of the next six matches including four of them by bonus points. Kyle Murphy (Bridgewater, N.J./Bridgewater-Raritan) started the run with a 12-2 major decision over Gage Levine at 174, before Trevor Allard (Mexico, N.Y./Mexico)defeated Chris Beck by decision 6-1 at 184. Logan Womelsdorf(Benton, Pa./Northwest Area) earned a win by fall in 4:14 over Max Gallahan, before Saul Wilkins IV (Wilkes-Barre, Pa./GAR Memorial) earned his first dual win of the season with a 17-0 tech fall over Jake Tomlinson. After Bloomsburg forfeited at 125 pounds, Andy Schutz (Exeter, Pa./Wyoming Area) polished off the victory with a win by fall in just 33 seconds.

Orem got the match against Sacred Heart started off even better with a 25-7 tech fall win over Shaun Williams at 141. After Campbell dropped a 10-4 decision to Alex Harnsberger at 149, Sacred Heart took a brief 7-5 lead on an major decision win by Paul Klee over Laubach at 157. The Huskies again used a run by winning six of the last seven, with three wins coming by bonus points. Newberry rebounded by winning a hard-fought 4-2 decision over Will Schmidt at 165, before Murphy earned his second win of the day with a 2-0 decision over Chris Zaccarioa. Allard won by major decision 12-2 over Mark Boyle at 184, before Womelsdorf pinned Joe Toci in 2:31 at 197. Bruce Graeber(Feasterville, Pa./Neshaminy) would rack up six minutes of riding time in his 6-2 decision over John Hartnett. After another forfeit at 125, Schutz again sealed the victory in bonus-point fashion with a 20-2 tech fall over Tim Johnson.

The two wins move the Huskies to 4-6, equaling their win total from one year ago. The losses move VMI and Sacred Heart both to 1-6 on the year.

The Huskies return to EWL competition next Sunday when they travel to take on the #19 Rider Broncs. The action is slated for a 2:00 p.m. start.

141 Shawn Orem (Pasadena, Md./Mount Saint Joseph)(Bloomsburg) over Michael Hulcher (Vmi) (Dec 10-8)30
149 Evan Campbell (Berwick, Pa./Central Columbia) (Bloomsburg) over Unknown (For.)60
157 Kevin Laubach (Bloomsburg) over Steven Midkiff (Vmi) (Fall 3:51)60
165 Blake Hohman (Vmi) over Nate Newberry (Biglerville, Pa./Biglerville) (Bloomsburg) (Fall 4:11)06
174 Kyle Murphy(Bridgewater, N.J./Bridgewater-Raritan) (Bloomsburg) over Gage Levine (Vmi) (MD 12-2)40
184 Trevor Allard (Mexico, N.Y./Mexico) (Bloomsburg) over Christopher Beck (Vmi) (Dec 6-1)30
197 Logan Womelsdorf(Benton, Pa./Northwest Area) (Bloomsburg) over Max Gallahan (Vmi) (Fall 4:14)60
285 Saul Wilkins(Bloomsburg) over Jake Tomlinson (Vmi) (TF 17-0 4:11)50
125 Clifton Conway (Vmi) over Unknown (For.)06
133 Andy Schutz (Exeter, Pa./Wyoming Area)(Bloomsburg) over Jacob Mills (Vmi) (Fall 0:33)60
Team Score:3912

141 Shawn Orem (Pasadena, Md./Mount Saint Joseph)(Bloomsburg) over Shaun Williams (Sacred Heart) (TF 25-7 6:09)50
149 Alex Harnsberger(Sacred Heart) over Evan Campbell (Berwick, Pa./Central Columbia) (Bloomsburg) (Dec 10-4)03
157 Paul Klee (Sacred Heart) over Kevin Laubach (Bloomsburg) (MD 11-2)04
165 Nate Newberry(Biglerville, Pa./Biglerville) (Bloomsburg) over William Schmidt (Sacred Heart) (Dec 4-2)30
174 Kyle Murphy(Bridgewater, N.J./Bridgewater-Raritan) (Bloomsburg) over Chris Zaccaria (Sacred Heart) (Dec 2-0)30
184 Trevor Allard (Mexico, N.Y./Mexico) (Bloomsburg) over Mark Boyle (Sacred Heart) (MD 12-2)40
197 Logan Womelsdorf(Benton, Pa./Northwest Area) (Bloomsburg) over Joe Toci (Sacred Heart) (Fall 2:31)60
285 Bruce Graeber(Feasterville, Pa./Neshaminy)(Bloomsburg) over John Hartnett (Sacred Heart) (Dec 6-2)30
125 Ryan Burns (Sacred Heart) over Unknown (For.)06
133 Andy Schutz (Exeter, Pa./Wyoming Area)(Bloomsburg) over Tim Johnson (Sacred Heart) (TF 20-2 6:33)50
Team Score:2913

Play-by-Play vs. VMI
141- Shawn Orem (Pasadena, Md./Mount Saint Joseph) vs. Michael Hulcher
Orem takes the first shot...Orem scores the first points near the scorer's table across the way...On the line they stay in...Orem releases Hulcher for an escape...Down on the mat they battle before the official calls stalemate...Orem draws a stall warning against Hulcher before scoring another takedown...Orem gets in on a single leg for a takedown and two near-fall points...Indside the final minute of the opening period...Orem already over one minute in riding time...Hulcher able to get to his feet before Orem takes him down on the near side at the line...Orem turns him to one side and scores two more nearfall points...Ends the first period up 8-1...He starts the second on top...Hulcher gets to his feet and gets away for one...They tie up at the shoulders and then release...Another high tie-up...Down to the mat both men on their knees...Again they stand, lock up and release...Orem takes a shot favoring the left side...Hulcher rolls through and ends up on top for two points as the official counts...Four nearfall points tie things up at eight inside the final 15 seconds of the second...Hulcher chipping away at the riding clock...Tied at eight heading to the third...Hulcher starts the third on top with one stall warning on him...Off the whistle Orem is able to stand...Now he escapes for one it's 9-8 under two minutes left...Both men showing patience now...Near the Bloomsburg bench Orem fights off a shot as they tumble out of bounds...They reset at neutral...Off the reset they tie up going toward the left side of the mat...One minute remaining...Riding time is not a factor...Hulcher goes for a right side shot but Orem fights it off...Near the BU bench they battle with 30 seconds left...Orem still playing defense near the edge...Orem draws the stall call and the point that comes with it...Into the final 10 seconds...Neither man has control...Orem hangs on for the 10-8 decision.

149 - Evan Campbell (Berwick, Pa./Central Columbia) receives a forfeit

157 - Kevin Laubach Jr. (Berwick, Pa./Berwick) vs. Steven Midkiff
Off the opening whistle they lock up high...Laubach releases and gets a single-leg takedown for two to open the scoring...Laubach whistled for an illegal move, one point to Midkiff...Off the reset Laubach holds control...Laubach keeps Midkiff from getting to his feet...Now trying to turn for points...On the near edge of the circle they battle...Laubach over one minute of riding time...Laubach turns him on his left side...No nearfall points awarded...Inside one minute left in the opening period...Stall warning issued to Midkiff...Laubach doing a good job keeping Midkiff inside the line before they spin out of bounds with 33 seconds left in the first...Laubach up to two and a half minutes of riding time...Laubach trying to turn on the left side again...Nearfall points awarded...Laubach ends the second up 6-1...Laubach starts the third on top...Attempts to roll Midkiff but he fights it off...Laubach gets Midkiff to his back at the center of the mat...Pin called at 3:51.

165 - Nate Newberry (Biglerville, Pa./Biglerville) vs. Blake Hohman
Off the whistle they lock up high...Tied up at the shoulders...Newberry keeping his distance...Fights off a shot from Hohman and they lock up at center again...Another release and tie up...Half the first period gone, still scoreless...Not much action at the center of the mat...Hohman scores a shot about waist-high...No control awarded yet for either side...Newberry rolls through the attempt and now they tie up at the mat...First points awarded to Hohman with a takedown inside the final minute...Hohman leads 2-0 after one...Hohman elects bottom to start the second period...Caution assessed to Newberry of the start...Now one point given to Hohman on an escape...Hohman secures the pin at 4:11.

174 - Kyle Murphy (Bridgewater, N.J./Bridgewater-Raritan) vs. Gage Levine
Murphy pushes Levine back toward the VMI bench...Gets behind for a quick two...On the line near the VMI bench they battle before spinning out of bounds...They reset at center with Murphy on top...Murphy fighting for upper body control...Has control of Levine's hips all the way down...Murphy already up over 1:30 of riding time...Coming up on the final minute of the first...Murphy trying to turn Levine at the shoulders...Murphy gets Levine's left shoulder but cannot turn him...Stall warning issued to Levine...Inside 20 seconds left in the first...Murphy well in control...Keeping Levine flat on the mat...Takes his 2-0 lead to the second...They start the second period at neutral...Murphy gets in on Levine's left leg and secures another takedown to go up 4-0...Riding time up over three minutes...Murphy carries Levine out of bounds at the Keydet bench and they reset with Murphy on top...Caution assessed to Murphy on the restart...Off the next whistle Murphy flattens Levine again...Murphy now trying to control Levine's shoulders...Riding time approaching four minutes...Stall warning issued to Murphy on top...Official whistles for a reset...Off the reset Murphy holds on to the end of the period...Leads 4-0 to start the third...Off the whistle Murphy out and reverse Levine to stretch his lead to 6-0...Murphy lets Levine up for one before tumbling the two out of bounds...They reset at neutral before Murphy scores another takedown near the VMI bench...One minute left in the bout...Murphy lets Levine up again to make it 8-2...On the line near the VMI bench Murphy scores another takedown to get into major decision territory...Riding time over five minutes...10 seconds left...Murphy wins by major decision 12-2.

184 - Trevor Allard (Mexico, N.Y./Mexico) vs. Chris Beck
Both men cautious to start...Allard initiates a tie-up at the shoulders before they release...Circling at center they tie up at the hands again...Allard looking for an opportunity tries to shake the tie-up...Again at center they tie up at the shoulders...Halfway through the first period scoreless...Stall warning issued to Allard amidst the lock-up...On the line between the BU bench and the scorer's table they battle...They stay locked at the shoulders as they circle back to center...30 seconds left in the first...They release the tie up and Allard fights off a shot from Beck...Allard stays on the defense...Scores a takedown as time expires in the first...He'll take his 2-0 lead to the second...Allard starts the second on bottom...Off the whistle he fights to his feet...Draws a stall warning on Beck...A second warning makes it 3-0 before they tumble out of bounds...Allard scores the escape and it's 4-0...Inside one minute left in the second...They lock up at center in neutral...They lock up and release repeatedly to end the second...Allard still leads 4-0 heading to the third...He starts the final period on top...Beck spins away for one to get on the board...Beck trying for another shot but Allard fights it off...Allard staying tied up at the shoulders protecting a 4-1 lead...40 seconds to go in the bout...Allard gets in low with a head fake before scoring a takedown to make his advantage 6-1 in the final 20 seconds...Allard wins 6-1 by decision.

197 - Logan Womelsdorf (Benton, Pa./Northwest Area) vs. Max Gallahan
Off the whistle both men are cautious and then lock up high...They spin out of the tie-up on the near edge before locking up back at center...Hand-fighting up high results in nothing...Womelsdorf trying to get in low for a shot but Gallahan fights it off...Halfway through the first period scoreless...Near the scorer's table now they lock up at the shoulders again...They release and go back to center...One minute in the first...Still scoreless...They circle back near the table on the far side...Inside 30 seconds left before they spin out of bounds...They reset at center in neutral position...Womelsdorf fights off a shot attempt as the opening period ends scoreless...Womelsdorf will start the second on top...Gallahan fakes right and spins left off the whistle...Womelsdorf holds strong...No escape for Gallahan...Womelsdorf flattens him to the mat before Gallhan sneaks away to score the first point on an escape...Womelsdorf takes a quality shot and scores two points before turning Gallahan and getting the fall at 4:14.

285 - Saul Wilkins IV (Wilkes-Barre, Pa./GAR Memorial) vs. Jake Tomlinson
Off the whistle lots of hand-fighting up high...The men reset and tie up while standing up...Tomlinson fights off a shot attempt from Wilkins...Wilkins now has Tomlinson's left leg as they spin down on the mat...Wilkins fights through the arm defense for the first two points of the bout...At center Wilkins maintains control...Wilkins trying to control Tomlinson's right arm...Keeping Tomlinson flat on the mat at center...He's able to turn Tomlinson for four nearfall points...And Again Wilkins turns him for four...inside 20 seconds...Wilkins leads 10-0 after one...He starts the second on top...Riding time at two minutes...Tomlinson gets to his feet but Wilkins flattens him back on the mat...Wilkins controls Tomlinson's upper body...Turns him for a count...Secures another four nearfall points...And another turn and count...Wilkins wins by tech fall 17-0.

125 - Cliff Conway receives a forfeit

133 - Andy Schutz (Exeter, Pa./Wyoming Area) vs. Jacob Mills
The two men tie up high off the whistle...Schutz gets inside and low for two points and secures the fall in just 33 seconds.

Play-by-Play vs. Sacred Heart
141- Shawn Orem (Pasadena, Md./Mount Saint Joseph) vs. Shaun Williams
Williams scores the first takedown landing right on top of Orem...Orem is able to escape for one...Near the BU bench they battle on the line before Orem scores a takedown and gets two nearfall points before battling out of bounds...Williams escapes to make it 4-2 closing in on the final minute of the first...Williams gets the single leg and gets Orem to his back...No nearfall points awarded...Tied at four inside the final 30 seconds...Orem escapes before Williams scores another quick takedown...A late Orem escape leaves the match 6-6 after one period...Orem starts the second on bottom...Gets to his feet before Williams sits him back down...Orem frees his head from between Williams's leg and scores a reversal...Orem scores another takedown and nearfall points inside the final minute of the second...On the line at the near edge Orem holds control...Final 30 seconds of the second...Orem up 18-7...Orem still in bounds by a toe...Now whistled out of bounds with six seconds left in the second...Caution issued to Williams on the start...Orem rides out the final six seconds and leads 18-7 heading to the third...They start the third at neutral...They lock up high then low before Orem spins behind for two...Riding time at 1:30...Orem flips Williams to his back...Four nearfall points ends the match at tech fall 25-7.

149 - Evan Campbell (Berwick, Pa./Central Columbia) vs. Alex Harnsberger
Off the whistle Campbell moves in hands first...Down on the mat they battle now...No control for either man yet...Back to their feet they approach the line near the Sacred Heart bench then spin back toward center...Campbell on the defensive near the line on the near edge...Fights off a shot attempt from Harnsberger as they tumble out of bounds...They reset in neutral at center...Harnsberger ...gets Campbell's left leg on a shot...Campbell fighting off giving up the opening points before Harnsberger turns him and opens the scoring with two... The tumble out of bounds at the near edge and reset at center...Inside 20 seconds in the first period...Campbell fights to his feet and spins out but cannot secure the escape...Harnsberger leads 2-0 after one...Campbell starts the second on top...Off the whistle Harnsberger escapes for one...Approaching the halfway mark of the second...The two men have exchanged shots and defensive efforts...Harnsberger leads 3-0 inside the final minute of the second...Away from center they tie up high then go down to the mat...Head-fake and spin move from Campbell is unsuccessful...Harnrsberger still has the shutout 3-0 going to the third...He starts the third on top...Campbell gets to his feet off the whistle...Campbell breaks away for one...Harnsberger counters with another takedown and then is issued a stall warning...Campbell escapes to make it 5-2 inside the final minute...Harnsberger with another two points near the Sacred Heart bench...Lets Campbell up for one...Leads 7-3 with 20 seconds to go...Harnsberger scores a late takedown to make it 9-3 before letting Campbell up as the horn sounds...Holds on for the 10-3 win with riding time.

157 - Kevin Laubach Jr. (Berwick, Pa./Berwick) vs. Paul Klee
Off the whistle the men tie up at the shoulders...Laubach trying to push the physicality from the top down...Official quick to call a stalemate...After a reset at center, a roll-through results in two points and four nearfall points for Klee as Laubach ends up on his back but fights it off...Official whistles for a stalemate...Klee starts the reset on top...Approaching one minute of riding time...Klee keeps Laubach flat on the mat at center...Official calls for a stalemate...Stall warning issued to Laubach underneath as the periodends ...The second starts with Laubach on top...Laubach fighting to turn Klee before official whistles a stalemate...Klee escapes to make it 7-0 inside the final minute of the second...A takedown gets Klee up to a 10-0 lead...The second period ends with that score...Laubach starts thethird on bottom...Off the whistle Klee flattens Laubach again...Riding time over two and a half minutes...Klee controlling the tempo and conserving the shutout...Under one minute left in the bout...Major decision territory...Laubach cores the late reversal to get on the scoreboard...Klee wins by major decision 11-2 with riding time.

165 - Nate Newberry (Biglerville, Pa./Biglerville) vs. Will Schmidt
Off the whistle Schmidt is aggressive with his hands...The men lock up at shoulder level...Down to one knee then back up...Official calls for a reset at center...Head fake and low shot from Schmidt is fought off by Newberry...First period halfway gone, still scoreless...Newberry again fights off a shot attempt by Schmidt...They tie up high again inside the final 30 seconds of the period...Newberry again fights off a shot before the period ends scoreless...Newberry starts the second on bottom...Off the whistle he is dropped back to the mat by Schmidt...Newberry scores a quick escape and takedown combo for three points...Now Newberry slams Schmidt to the mat...Schmidt trying to fight from up top...Stall warning issued to Newbery as the official whistles for a reset...Newberry is on top off the restart...Schmidt breaks his hips away for one to get on the board...Action carries the duo out of bounds near the Sacred Heart bench...They reset at neutral with 25 seconds left in the period...They lock up at the shoulders at center as the final seconds tick down in the second...Newberry leads 3-1 after two...He starts the period on top on the mat and the big board...Off the whistle Schmidt moves his hips away from Newberry...Newberry turns into him and rolls through before Schmidt escapes for one...They reset at neutral...One minute left in the third...Newberry leads 3-2...Newberry on the defensive keeping things tied up at the shoulders...Official whistles for a stalemate...Stall warning to Newberry inside the final 20 seconds...Near the scorer's table they battle...Newberry holds on for the 4-2 decision.

174 - Kyle Murphy (Bridgewater, N.J./Bridgewater-Raritan) vs. Chris Zaccaria
Off the whistle both men go for the tie up at the shoulders...Repeated tie up and release through the first minute...Same through the first period with no score...Murphy trying to win the physical battle up high...Inside 20 seconds left in the first...Still scoreless through one...Murphy starts the second and escapes for one to open the scoring...The two men stay cautious near the Bloomsburg bench...Zaccaria tries to break the tie up by snapping Murphy down but it doesn't work...Murphy leds 1-0 headed to the third...He starts the final frame on top...Murphy controls things down on the mat to start...Has control of Zaccaria's left arm...Murphy's head in Zaccaria's shoulder trying to turn him...Riding time almost at one minute in Murphy's favor...Inside the final minute of the third...Murphy now just holding Zaccaria down...Has the left arm in control...Murphy ragging Zaccaria's hips to hold on...Final 10 seconds and Murphy wins 2-0 with riding time.

184 - Trevor Allard (Mexico, N.Y./Mexico) vs. Mark Boyle
Off the whistle the men lock up at the shoulders then release...Allard gets low and in on Boyle's left side and eventually works for the first two points via takedown...Boyle quickly escapes for one...At center in neutral they reset...Allard trying for shots but repeatedly being fought off by Boyle...Eventually scores two points and takes the duo out of bounds at the Sacred Heart bench...They reset at center with 20 seconds left in the first...Allard working on riding time as he leads 4-1 after one...Allard will be on bottom to start the second...Off the whistle, Boyle holds Allard down before he gets to his feet and escapes for one...Back to center they lock up on their feet...Allard out-muscles Boyle and throws him to the mat for two...Official whistles for a stalemate...Allard leads 7-1 inside the final minute of the second...Off the restart Allard trying to get Boyle's left arm as leverage...Boyle fights it off...30 seconds left in the second...Boyle slips away and stands for an escape to make it 7-2 as the period ends...Allard starts the third on top on the mat and the big board...Off the whistle Boyle turns to his left and gets to his feet...Allard still behind, gets one arm and gets Boyle to his back...Four near-fall points to Allard makes the score 11-2...Now in major decision territory...Under one minute left in the bout...Allard up to almost three minutes of riding time...Forcing Boyle's head into the mat...Controlling Boyle's lower body...Allard comes away with a 12-2 major decision.

197 - Logan Womelsdorf (Benton, Pa./Northwest Area) vs. Joe Toci
Off the whistle Womelsdorf goes for the trip using his body's momentum...Toci fights it off...Womelsdorf trying to overpower Toci...Forces the tandem out of bounds at the SHU bench...Off the reset they lock up at the shoulders...Toci spins behind Womelsdorf but the freshman uses it to his advantage and scores the first two near the SHU bench before they are whistled out of bounds...Off the restart Womelsdorf is on top in the final minute of the first...Womelsdorf turns Toci and secures the pin at 2:31 of the first.

285 - Bruce Graeber (Feasterville, Pa./Neshaminy) vs. John Hartnett
Graeber is aggressive off the whistle...Gets Hartnett down to the mat and spins behind for two...Graeber controlling from up top...Trying to work on Hartnett's right shoulder...Hartnett gets to all fours but Graeber flattens him down again...Graeber now tries to turn Hartnett's upper body...Graeber resets and will try a different plan of attack...Now working the left side...Trying to swing his momentum to force Hartnett to his back...Almost up to one minute of riding time...Under one minute left in the first...Graeber fighting to turn Hartnett from the left side again but to no avail...Graeber takes a 2-0 lead to the second...He starts the second on bottom...Graeber gets up and out off the whistle to make it 3-0...They stay locked up at the shoulders before Graeber tries to deke low...Hartnett fights it off...Graeber takes the two down to the mat and eventually gets in position to score two...His lead is now 5-0...Graeber again trying to work from the left side...Keeping Hartnett flat on the mat as the riding clock ticks up over three minutes...Hartnett to his knees before Graeber flattens him yet again...Hartnett fights through and gets a reversal to end the period...Graeber starts the third on top and up 5-2...Right back to work with Hartnett underneath...Graeber using momentum to shift Hartnett's left side...Four and a half minutes of riding time...Graeber maintaining control keeping Hartnett flat on his front...45 seconds remaining in the bout...Five minutes of riding time...Stall warning issued to Hartnett...Graeber will win by decision 6-2 with riding time.

125 - Ryan Burns receives a forfeit

133 - Andy Schutz (Exeter, Pa./Wyoming Area) vs. Timmy Johnson
Fast hands and fast feet to start...Schutz gets in on Johnson's right leg then his left for the first two...Schutz controlling tempo down on the mat at center...Johnson gets to one knee and then escapes for one...They tie up while on their feet...Now they reset at center...Inside the final minute of the first period...Lots of patience, head fakes and deking ends the first period with Schutz up 2-1...He starts the second on top...Closing in on one minute of riding time...Able to keep control of Johnson off the whistle...Flattens him back down to the mat...Schutz working on Johnson's left side...Looking to turn the upper body for back points...Four nearfall points awarded as Schutz now leads 6-1...Off the whistle Johnson draws a stall warning from Schutz...Official whistles for a reset...Schutz holds control this time before Johnson escapes for one and goes right back in close...Hand fighting up high inside the final 10 seconds of the middle frame...Schutz leads 6-2...He starts the third on bottom...Off the whistle Schutz fakes left and spins right to score the reversal...Schutz gets Johnson to his back from that position and is working on Johnson's left shoulder...Four nearfall points awarded...Now in major decision territory...Another turn and count...Johnson gets back to his front...Same move gets another count from the official...Tech fall looming...Called with the score at 20-2. 

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