Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Editorial: Is it really true that the Little League World Series is moving to Los Angles?

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Today at my coffee hangout, I was approached by a friend who said that it is official. Little League is moving the Little League World Series to Los Angles. This was a complete surprise to me since I have a website that has followed the Little League World Series news since 1996. I have heard these rumors before. I have read these type of rumors before. Consider the following scam reported from Sports Field Management in 2014:

I couldn’t believe what I was reading: “Little League Baseball announced today that the Little League World Series will leave Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 2015 for a proposed $400 million ‘Little League cathedral’ in downtown Los Angeles.”
“What?” I muttered out loud. “Is nothing sacred?”
I read on.
“Little League also announced it will begin displaying advertising on player jerseys in 2017.” 
“This is preposterous!” I yelled. 
And then I read the quote from the Little League spokesman about the advertising. “This is about creating new revenue streams to grow the game. Unfortunately, with the players’ small bodies, we can’t fit very many corporate logos on their uniforms.” 
As I began to clamor loud enough for the neighbors to hear, bellowing about the audacity for someone to say something so ludicrous, my voice stopped like a speeding Corvette at a just-turned red light located on the corner by a police station. 
“There’s no way this story is true,” I thought to myself. 
When I searched online for more news about the Little League World Series moving to La-La Land, I discovered it was a hoax and that I’d just been suckered – as in huge, large-swirl lollipop suckered.
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Today's comment from my friend was similar and based on an article by Sports Pickle in April 2017. It claimed the following:

Little League announces LLWS will move to new $400 million stadium ...

Aug 13, 2017 - WILLIAMSPORT, PA — Little League Baseball announced today that the Little LeagueWorld Series will leave bucolic South Williamsport, PA, in 2019 for a proposed $400 million “Little League cathedral” in downtown Los Angeles. “We are excited about this move and see it as a natural progression in the ...
So I decided to ask Little League if they were moving the Little League World Series out of Williamsport. I contacted Kevin Fountain, Director of Media Relations. His timely reply follows:
John, Thanks for reaching out. This is not true at all. It is a satirical article and is completely false. We do not intend to relocate from our Williamsport home. Kevin Fountain | Director of Media Relations 
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So there you go. I hope this reassures you that Little League has a commitment to staying in the home where it was birthed. Big corporations always have money as their objective. I am glad that Little League is committed to stay locally. It gives Little League that pure hometown feel. Sacred! Hope to see you at the series this August. It is a special event each year.


John Green

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