Friday, April 3, 2020

WOL Chef - Delicious Easy Poached Eggs In Toast Recipe

Easy Poached Eggs and toast
If you want a no fail easy breakfast try this poached eggs and toast all done at the same time, try this recipe:

    • Two slices of your favorite bread
    • Griddle
    • Small pat of butter cut in half
    • Two large eggs put into two small ramekins
    • Salt and Pepper
    • Muffin Cutter or "Wife favorite Christmas decorated sharp rimmed clear coffee cup!"
    • Heat griddle to 350 degrees
    • Cut holes in the bread and place both pieces on the hot griddle
    • When bottoms seems lightly toasted, turn over along with the circular pieces of bread
    • Put the 1/2 pat of butter into each hole
    • When butter is half melted, pour the egg from the ramekin into the whole
    • Salt and pepper eggs
    • Cover the egg which you want well done
    • Remove toasted bread and eggs when cooked to desired likeness 
    • Serve with coffee and orange juice.

You could also cook bacon or sausage beforehand to broaden the meal.


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